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About Podgora

All is well in Podgora (merry differences)

Medora Hotels & Resorts in Podgora is an ideal starting point for your exploration of Podgora and the Adriatic coast.
Located between the mighty Biokovo and the clear blue sea, this place exudes beauty and simplicity, while numerous natural and historical elements make it even more attractive. 
The unbreakable bond between Podgora and the sea has moulded the lives and customs of this place, while the historical circumstances have created a vibrant world in which each visitor can immerse themselves.
Regardless of whether your inner self is a conqueror, sailor, trader, gourmand or pure hedonist, Podgora offers content that will make you crave more.
History and culture of Podgora
Although Podgora is mentioned in Venetian documents in 1571, there have been traces of human activity there since the early Stone Age. The evidence is the Neolithic impresso-type ceramics, found on the slopes of Biokovo
What you can visit
As soon as you arrive in Podgora, you will want to take 2 steps to the beach that you have been looking forward to for so long, and the soothing charm of the clean sea
Secrets of Podgora
Podgora climate
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