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Podgora climate

It's always sunny here

Experience a true paradise when it comes to year-round holidays and outdoor activities in one of the warmest parts of Croatia with a total of 2750 sunshine hours.
The road to the sunniest parts of Croatia leads to Podgora. It is situated in the very south of the Makarska Littoral, which is one of the warmest areas in Croatia. Due to the Mediterranean climate, the summers here are hot and dry and the winters are mild. The average sea temperature exceeds 20°C and varies between 23 and 27°C in the summer.
Did you know?
In the winter, unlike the northern regions of the Makarska Littoral, Podgora is often bereft of rain, which is suitable for growing citrus fruits, carob, vines, olives and other crops grown in the south.
When ascending Biokovo, you will notice that the temperature drops by 1°C every 180 m.
When the summer heat strikes Podgora and the daily temperature peaks at 40°C, Biokovo offers clean and fresh mountain air without the swelter. The average monthly temperature is never higher than 23.9°C in July and August.
There is no scarcity of ice at Biokovo – you can find it in sinkholes, ice pits and caves.
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