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About Makarska Riviera

The secret of eternal beauty

The Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast, stretching 60 kilometres along the central Adriatic, in the heart of central Dalmatia. With many small areas for fishing, the Riviera is becoming a real attraction for tourists who, besides natural beauty, want to enjoy good service. Today, the Makarska Riviera is synonymous with a unique and top quality tourist service that perfectly matches the local natural and cultural beauty, and places like Podgora, Tučepi, Gradac, Baška Voda and others have become the favourite destinations of the most demanding tourists.
Due to its geographical position, located under the magnificent mountain of Biokovo, it is an example of fantastic contrasts of stone, sea and Mediterranean vegetation. This is the area where the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic are located, and the crystal clear sea, decorated with blue flags, bears proof of ecologically clean water, beaches and marinas.
The Makarska Riviera is also unique due to its delicious traditional Dalmatian cuisine, authentic quality wines, places famous for the best entertainment, as well as a rich culture and history dating back to ancient times.
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The greatest jewel of the Makarska Riviera
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Pleasure on a plate
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