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The vision of the development of the society is to become a leading hotel company on the Makarska Riviera.


The Mission of the development of the company is reposition an existing objects into attractive and commercially attractive tourism products by introducing international standards of management and operations and by linking traditional local values with the modern tourist trends. The Mission of the society is, also, to act as a coordinator of professionalisation tourist development on the Makarska Riviera, as well as on the entire territory of Dalmatia.



Commitment to the guest

With all our activities are focused on quality and guest satisfaction. The primary task of each of our employees is an understanding of the needs and requirements of our guests with the aim of fulfilling their expectations in creating a unique experience of rest in Medora hotels and resorts.
Honesty, respect and responsibility
Professionally and conscientiously treat the guests, business partners, employees, property, society and the environment.

Excellence and the work

 Continuous adoption of new knowledge and development of skills are the Foundation of excellence of our employees, and thus a guarantee of the provision of services according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with best practices of the hotel industry.

A team and winning spirit

Our team most valuable potential and leverage the implementation of the mission and vision of the company and the creation of value of the company to which we belong. We are building a stimulating working environment, based on mutual respect and esteem, feel of community and camaraderie. We, as a team, to be the best at what we do.

Proactivity and innovation

With the openness to new ideas and creativity, with the members of our team we develop diverse knowledge and skills. We think free and open, and in this regard, we encourage all members of the team. We accept the challenges with a positive attitude, as a new opportunity for training and the introduction of positive change.
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