Zip line excursion

Try a whole new experience and an adventure you will never forget. Enjoy two hours of adventure for the whole family. Enjoy the panorama of Tučepi from the air with a professional guide and a dose of excellent entertainment.

Sail through the air above the rich canopies of ancient trees, feel the warm wind on your face and your own rapid heartbeat as your two-hour aerial adventure slowly begins, laced with a fantastic bird’s-eye view of blue Adriatic Sea, part of the beautiful Makarska Riviera, the green panorama of the Tučepi canyon and the mysterious crags of Biokovo. Experience your holiday from a completely different perspective that will literally expand your horizons!

An aerial ride on a steel rope is completely safe, includes professional equipment, an experienced guide, and is adapted for all ages. It is adrenaline entertainment for the whole family!

While safely sailing through the air on the wings of the wind, fully insured by the protective equipment, the only thing you have to watch out for is whether your shoes are well tied. ;)


Reconstruction of the existing hotel and the construction of additional facilities