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Medora Fit Programme

The summer holiday is the perfect time to break from your old routine. No work to go to in the morning or having lunch or sleeping based on a strict schedule - now all the time is for you. Resting the body and the spirit during the summer holiday does not mean being lazy or a couch potato surrounded with fast-food wrappers. The brain is programmed to rest while working, just as the rest of the body.
Summer holidays always were the perfect time to break from the routine and training schedules, and get out of shape, but you have worked much too hard to let that happen. That's why you should welcome the Medora Fit programme, where your health is our No. 1 priority. Whether it is with the help of freshly-squeezed juice or specially prepared food, or numerous activities that you can do, we are here to help you in any way we can.
The Medora Fit programme is available to all Medora hotel guests.
Become a part of the Medora Fit programme and enjoy a healthy and fulfilled holiday!
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