Walking along the coast

Walking along the coast in Podgora at Makarska riviera is a great recreational activity that is especially important for the people of today. The magnificent nature, clean air and an intact environment will motivate you to move and breathe deeply. The air by the sea is abundantly ionised, which has further beneficial effects on your body and psyche. 

A holiday is an ideal opportunity to replace sitting in the car or on public transport with an activity that is often ignored in the hectic modern lifestyle: walking!

No walk is as pleasant and beautiful as one by the sea, surrounded by the scent of pine trees, in the pleasant company of friends or family. Podgora is proud of its beautiful promenade by the sea, illuminated by the sun and filled with restaurants and cafés, their terraces providing a perfect respite after swimming, sunbathing and walking along the coast.

Reconstruction of the existing hotel and the construction of additional facilities