Nature park Biokovo

The Biokovo mountain, part of the mountain range of the Dinarides, is one of the 11 natural parks in Croatia and is known for its distinctive karst relief characterised by numerous caves, pits, sinkholes, cracks and rocks that attract many speleologists and palaeontologists. The most impressive part of the rocks rises to a height of about 1000 m and separates the Dalmatian hinterland from the coast. 

The peaks of the rocks are shaped into undulating plateaus, 3-4 km wide, which gently and gradually stretch down to the sea. The highest peak is the top of Sv. Jure at 1762 meters above sea level and is a popular destination for climbers and mountaineers. The Biokovo Nature Park is a favourite of researchers of flora and fauna, medicinal herb pickers, beekeepers and all curious nature lovers because its specific endemic plant and animal species provide the perfect destination for exploring and enjoying the richness of nature.


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