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TripTips and tricks to travel on the Biokovo Nature Park

When you visit Podgora or just pass through southern Croatia, Biokovo Nature Park should definitely be on the list of places you should visit. Below we will give you some useful information about visiting this beautiful mountain.


When you are in Podgora or driving on the Makarska Riviera, you can't help but notice the mountain Biokovo and it almost seems to you that it invites you to visit it. Biokovo Nature Park does not cover the entire mountain but a part above the town of Makarska. Mountain Biokovo is the largest mountain in Dalmatia and this mountain never ceases to amaze. The nature park was founded in 1981 and is one of the most popular places for hiking in Croatia. Vošac peak, which rises just above the town of Makarska, is one of the most visited peaks on the mountain, but it is not the highest point. Sv. Jure is the highest peak of the mountain Biokovo with a height of 1762 meters, and when the weather is clear your view can reach even to the mainland of Italy.
There are many endemic species in the Biokovo Nature Park, and you can find out about the biodiversity of the park from the booklet that you will receive at the entrance to the park area.


There are many ways you can enter the Biokovo Nature Park. Hiking trails are our favorite way to explore the park, but driving through it might be more convenient for you. Most tourists who visit the park decide to drive along the Biokovo road to the top. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it’s easier to drive in an air-conditioned car than to walk in the heat for over four hours. Second, by using a car, you can see and experience most of the park’s offerings, especially if you combine car driving and hiking. But driving a car can have some drawbacks and we will mention them in one of the further sections. The most frequently used entry point to the Biokovo Nature Park is the one on the road that connects Makarska and Vrgorac. This entrance is the starting point of the road that passes through the park and it is allowed to enter by cars, motorcycles, bicycles and vans. As the road is narrow, entry for large bus vehicles is not allowed.

The price of a daily ticket for the Biokovo Nature Park for adults is 60 kuna, while for children up to 7 years of age a visit to the park is free. You will pay 120 kuna for a three-day ticket, while a seven-day ticket will cost you 300 kuna. You do not have to pay extra for your car, you only pay for the ticket for the people in it. A valid ticket must be carried with you at all times while you are visiting the park, as Park employees can request you for inspection at any time.


Driving in the park is one of the most suitable ways to explore the Park. Just drive and stop whenever you see something interesting. A ride through the park will allow you to see most of its attractions, including the most beautiful view in Dalmatia - the lookout point Biokovo Skywalk. On the other hand, there are places in the park that are not accessible by car, and hiking is the only way to enjoy those places. Peaks Vošac and Sv. Elijah are just one such place. You have to be careful when embarking on a mountaineering adventure, and we do not recommend hiking on Biokovo to people who have no previous mountaineering experience. Hiking the mountain Biokovo could prove challenging even for experienced mountaineers. Make sure you are well prepared and have enough water. If you are hiking in Biokovo in the summer months, start this adventure as early as possible in the morning, because the heat in the later hours can be unbearable.


The road leading through the Biokovo Nature Park is open every day from 7.00 to 20.00. The road begins with a beautiful panorama of the Dalmatian islands and Biokovo rocks that stretch all the way to the Adriatic Sea, and the beauty of the view could take your breath away.
We want to warn you that the road of the Biokovo Nature Park is narrow and requires a certain driving experience, and we hope that the demanding road and certain crowds that may occur at the entrance to the Park will not diminish your enthusiasm for this beautiful place. Be prepared that at some point, when another vehicle encounters in the opposite direction, you will need to drive backwards.

If you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact us, and when you visit the Biokovo Nature Park, share your memories and photos with us. Just tag #lovepodgora. 😊
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