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Things to see and do in Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera (Croatian: Makarska Rivijera and Makarsko Primorje) is a micro-region situated in the south part of Croatia on the Adriatic Coast. It covers an area of 53 km starting from the tourist locality of Brela to Gradca. Makarska Riviera is known as a popular holiday destination for many years now and one of the things that attract thousands of visitors to this place every year is the fact that there are so many things that people can see and do there. So, even if you are planning on going there for two weeks, you can rest assured that you will leave some unexplored things for your next visit. In order to save you some time, we will now highlight a few interesting things found in Makarska Riviera.

Visit Buba Beach

Obviously, tourists want to spend a significant period of time on some of the beautiful beaches in Makarska. One of these beaches is Buba Beach. The main beach in Makarska looks amazing and offers all sorts of activities and amenities. However, it often gets too crowded and many people do not like that. If you want to visit a beach that is more isolated (not too much) then you should definitely check Buba Beach. After all, it is just a few miles away from the main beach, so you can check out the situation quickly. As we said, do not expect a secluded beach because there is a beach bar there too. 

Enjoy rafting

Rafting is a very popular adrenaline (extreme) sport often practiced by tourists. It does not really matter whether you have some experience in rafting or this would be your first time, you should know that river Cetina which is close to the city of Omiš (just 30 km from Makarska) will help you experience something completely new. Tourists are using special boats designed for rafting and they can enjoy the natural beauties of this region. The river canyons are amazing! There are mini-buses that can take you from and to Makarska every day during the summer period. Do not miss this chance to have some fun with your friends or family.

Visit the Church of St. Marko

It is impossible to miss the church of St. Marko when you are in the city of Makarska because it is situated in the central part of the main square. One of the interesting things about this beautiful church is that it was started in the beginning of the 18th century, but it is still not completed. The church was expanded and upgraded for numerous times. The architects and artists have added new details, but there is still room for new things. Close to this fascinating church, you can find the Venetian fountain in baroque style built in 1775. 

Walk the Kalalarga Street

Almost every major town in Makarska Riviera has one old main street. The city of Makarska has the Kalalarga Street. Back in the days, this street was the place where almost every important activity in the city was conducted. This was also the widest and longest street in the region. Today, this street gives visitors a glimpse at the life that people in the past had.

Check Podgora

Podgora is a settlement located right between the beautiful mountain of Biokovo and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. This is a relatively small place blessed with amazing natural beauties. Many people go to Podgora because this is an ideal place for families and children. Of course, Podgora is known as a place with one of the most beautiful beaches in Dalmatia too. The people of Podgora has always been in touch with foreigners (trading was an important part of the economy of this town for centuries) and this is the reason why they are so friendly and pleasant. Podgora is now one of the most important tourist spots in Makarska Riviera. In case you are interested in staying in Podgora for a day or two or maybe for your entire holiday, you can rely on Hotel Medora Auri. This hotel is offering fully equipped, modern rooms, useful amenities, and perfect hotel services.
We hope that this article will encourage you to go to Makarska Riviera.
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