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The most beautiful beaches in Makarska Riviera

There are many places where you can travel, anywhere in the world. Each part of the world has its own unique, exotic locations that are awe-inspiring. But today we’ll share with you information on one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and it’s to be found in the country of Croatia.
The area that we’ll recommend you to visit is called Makarska Riviera, and it’s an area that stretches for around sixty kilometers along Croatia’s Adriatic coastline – but it’s just several kilometers wide. The fair, sunny weather and the many beautiful, pebbly beaches inspire thousands of tourists from all around the world to visit this place every year.
Of course, the centerpiece of this area, as we’ve mentioned, are the beaches. There are many beaches that you can visit and enjoy in this place, and we’ll mention some of them below.
Our first choice would have to be the beach called Brela Vruja. This beach is to be found in the western-most part of Makarska Riviera, and it’s an area that spans for a couple of kilometers of so – and it houses several beaches. While the beaches are beautiful, we must advise you to bring your own umbrellas because there are very little naturally shade areas – and the sun shines ruthlessly during the day. Also, these are somewhat remote beaches, and it would be smart of you to bring some food and water, because the closest village is far from here.
Nugal Makarska beach is another excellent choice if you want to visit the best Makarska Riviera beaches. It’s one of the most picturesque beaches in the entire area, and you definitely won’t be disappointed if you visit it. You can find this beach only if you walk to it, or if you traverse by boat. It’s locate nearly 2 kilometers east of Makarska.
Zivogosce Velika Duba is yet another great choice for the Croatian beach enthusiasts. It’s a bay located between two villages, Zivogosce Mala Duba & Zivogosce Blato. It’s a really popular place, and during the summer you can expect that it will be busy with locals and tourists from all around the world. The beach is wonderful and full of small pebbles, a picturesque sight to behold. Also, there are beautiful pine trees that offer shade from the hot sun during the day. It’s an excellent place to relax in for a day or two.
The final place that we’ll recommend for you to visit in Makarska Riviera is the village of Promajna. This is the site of a few fabulous pebbly beaches, and it’s also a very popular and tourist-friendly place, with free parking and easily accessible beaches. Also, if you’re a naturist at heart, you'll be happy to know that this place is really naturist-friendly as well, especially during summer.
Now, the central location from which all of these beaches will be easily accessible for you is the place called Podgora, located in a really convenient area in Makarska Riviera. The location is so good that this place has been inhabited for a really long time, and people here have been fishing and generally involved themselves in marine activities. But not long ago the people there realized that the place has a huge potential as a tourist destination, especially during the summer. Consequently it has been turned into a tourist friendly destination, excellent for both younger and older people, with their families.
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With this article, we have tried to mention some of the best destinations in the entire Makarska Riviera. But no one that knows the place would in their right mind for even a second think that the list in this article is exhaustive. It’s anything but exhaustive – as there are many other places, beaches, and various attractions that you can visit while you’re in this place. So, don’t let us hold you off any longer – explore the wonderful sights of the country of Croatia, and enjoy relaxing on some of the best beaches in the world.
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