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Ten meditation methods to clear your mind and create inner peace

Meditation comes with numerous benefits for your body and soul. It can clear your mind, calm you down, it can improve your concentration, and it can also contribute towards bigger creativity. A perfect place to enjoy your meditation sessions is Hotel Medora Auri in Podgora. Beaches on Makarska Riviera are amazing places where you can meditate and enjoy watching beautiful sunsets. The calmness and ideal setting will bring you inner peace, you will fully relax, and you will always remember your vacation. Meditation and yoga also go hand in hand, so if you want to use your vacation to the fullest then visit Hotel Medora Auri in Podgora and enjoy yoga sessions right on the beach or on the numerous great spots around the hotel. 
Meditation methods that have proven to be efficient
If you are a beginner with meditation and do not know how to start, follow the next ten methods in order to get the most out of your meditation sessions.
  1. Find an own private space where you can freely meditate without being distracted. Everywhere in and around Podgora, there are many amazing calming spots where you can enjoy complete meditation. Reserve your special place and bring some items that have personal meaning to you. However, make sure you turn your phone off and enjoy the peace. 
  2. Make sure you are consistent with the meditation. Meditating at the same time of the day will bring you many benefits because following the same schedule will help you make it a habit that you will enjoy doing each day. Your central nervous system will immediately get used to meditating at the same time of the day, which will, in turn, allow you to reach a meditative state of mind easily. 
  3. Create a peaceful atmosphere before starting to meditate. Some people like to meditate in the mornings, while others prefer doing it in the afternoons. If you want to do it in the afternoons, then try meditating at sunset, when you can enjoy the spectacular beach setting in front of Hotel Medora Auri in Podgora. 
  4. Find a good position for your body and sit straight. You can use a pillow underneath you for better positioning. It is important to sit straight because that way your energy can move freely throughout your body. Sit with your legs crossed, or you can choose to lie down, but be careful not to fall asleep.
  5. Duration of the meditation largely depends on your wishes. You can start by meditating ten to fifteen minutes each day and then gradually increase the sessions. Avoid being overly ambitious if you are a beginner with meditation and go slowly. Adding five more minutes each day is enough for start. Consistency is more important than duration, so make sure you meditate each day, regardless for how long you do it.
  6. Sit comfortable, take deep breaths and just relax. Slow breathing is very important part of the meditation, so clear your thoughts and focus on your deep breathing. 
  7. Scan your body parts. This method will calm your nervous system and will eliminate the accumulated tension within your body. This is also a good method for calming yourself down before you actually start to meditate.
  8. Deal with your mind by getting notes of your thoughts. Observe your thoughts without attaching to them. As you practice more and more you will be able to quickly identify different thoughts. Clearing your mind is not done easily or overnight, but with constant meditation, you will learn how to calm your mind more quickly in order to reach deep meditative state. 
  9. Give your thoughts different labels. Some thoughts will be busy thoughts; some will be negative, while some will be positive. Just label them and return back to your breathing. Focus on what is going inside of you and do not think about the outside world. Positive thoughts are the highest level you can achieve. They will promote well-being and good state of mind. If negative thoughts appear, just move your focus towards positive thinking.
  10. Finish the meditation by focusing on the moment. Feel the energies that flow through your body. Enjoy the surroundings of Hotel Medora Auri in Podgora and enjoy the happy life.
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