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Skywalk - Biokovo sky promenade

Makarska Riviera got its biggest attraction in early July 2020. Skywalk was built on the imposing mountain Biokovo, a celestial promenade in the shape of a horseshoe that has become an unavoidable destination for all guests who visit this magnificent area.
If you haven’t yet, it’s the right time to visit Skywalk and enjoy the view that leaves every visitor breathless.

Skywalk Biokovo is a belvedere built on top of a vertical rock several hundred meters high, and gives its visitors the opportunity to feel the unique feeling of floating among the clouds. You climb the stairs to it and walk along the semicircular glass surface in order to get to the other side after a maximum of five minutes. In this way, the flow of visitors does not stop and no crowds are created. The view from the Skywalk is one of the most spectacular in Croatia, and in the palm of your hand you can see the Makarska Riviera, the Peljesac peninsula and the islands of Brač, Hvar and Korčula. Skywalk is located in the southeastern part of Biokovo, at 1228 m above sea level.

Biokovo is one of the largest, highest and most beautiful mountains in Croatia. Raised above the Makarska Riviera, it proudly stands as its shield and is a place from which unforgettable views of the Adriatic Sea can be seen. The highest peak, Sveti Jure, is 1762 m high and is the second highest peak in the Republic of Croatia. The geology of Biokovo cannot be observed only within the boundaries of the Nature Park, but must be viewed comprehensively and complexly. About 65 million years ago, the African plate collided with the Eurasian. The narrowing of the ocean area caused strong tectonic disturbances, with horizontal layers wrinkling, breaking and rising above the sea surface, forming mountain ranges such as the Alps and the Dinarides, of which Biokovo is a part. Next to the Skywalk lookout you will find a large geological pillar as a cross section of the rock. It is a three-dimensional representation of all the different layers of rocks in the park and their changes from the beginning until today.

The easiest way to reach the Biokovo Nature Park is by your own car from the direction of Makarska and from the direction of Podgora via the village of Gornja Podgora. The highest road in Croatia, the Biokovo road, leads to the top of Sveti Jure, and the same road is used by all those who decide to visit Skywalk. The main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park is approximately 7 km from Podgora. The drive from Podgora to Skywalk takes about 45 minutes. Access is possible in your own arrangement, although you should pay attention to the specific conditions that prevail on the mountain road and adapt to the traffic that takes place on it. From the entrance to the Nature Park to Skywalk you will drive 13 km on an asphalt road. In case you do not have your own means of transport, the trip can be organized at the hospitality desk of Medora Auri hotel.

The Heavenly Promenade is open every year from early April to late October. Although the Skywalk is open almost all day, from 7am to 7pm, we recommend visiting the park in the early morning and late afternoon. That way every visitor will feel this place in the best possible way, at sunrise and sunset times. The colors that spill over Biokovo and the sun that sets in the Adriatic Sea will leave an unforgettable impression on every visitor.

Since Skywalk is located in the Biokovo Nature Park, you only pay for the ticket for the park and the ticket price includes a visit to Skywalk. The daily ticket for an adult is 60 kn, while children under 7 have free admission. Visitors with special needs pay 35 kn, and tickets are available at the entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park. We definitely recommend that you visit other attractions of Biokovo in addition to Skywalk, such as the peaks of Vošac and Sveti Jure.

Skywalk Biokovo is built of steel and glass and has been tested in various ways to provide visitors with maximum safety. The fire brigade once even filled the entire promenade with water that withstood that enormous pressure without any problems.
At the same time, a maximum of up to 30 visitors can stay on the promenade so that each person has privacy and places to fully enjoy themselves.


If driving a motor vehicle is not an option for you, Biokovo offers fantastic opportunities for hiking and cycling. Several hiking trails lead to Skywalk, starting in Tučepi, Makarska and Podgora. Also, for those who are fittest, the big challenge is the Biokovo asphalt road, and some visitors decide to ride the bicycle from the very entrance to the park. For those who prefer riding mountain MTB bikes, we recommend the newly opened, 8 km long macadam route that starts in the village of Saranač, and is included on the Biokovo road near the restaurant "Vrata biokova". We definitely advise you to ensure sufficient amounts of water, especially in the summer months when temperatures exceed 30 C.
Skywalk Biokovo is a lure for all nature lovers and a place that will remain in your memory as a "highlight" of your vacation on the Adriatic. Preserve this beautiful mountain, admire its beauty, and we kindly ask you to take all your belongings with you back to the valley.
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