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One small agenda and hints on what to do when in Podgora

Most people would agree that they’ll do well to travel more. And this is hardly a surprise at all – travelling is one of the core, deeply human activities which manages to satisfy our innate curiosity as human beings. Travelling offers a much needed respite from the day-to-day grind for many people, and when you travel you get rejuvenated.
And we all know that there are many places that we’d like to visit. The world is full of exotic, awe-inspiring places that are able to take your breath away when you visit them. We’ll do justice to one such place with this article. And this is the town of Podgora, in the area of Makarska Riviera, in the country of Croatia in Europe.
Makarska Riviera itself is an area that spans over 60 kilometers along the Adriatic coastline in Croatia, and it is known for its many beautiful beaches. Podgora is a small town in the area of Makarska Riviera, and it is a wonderful little place which you can visit by yourself or with your family and friends. The town of Podgora is situated in a great location, and as such it has been inhabited for a long time. The first official, formal, mention of the town in documents of old is somewhere around the sixteenth century. The people of this place have been fishing and dealing with other marine activities for centuries before, and they have managed to thrive in this area.
This place was not really known as a tourist hot spot until recently. In fact, the first tourist hotel has been built around the beginning of the twentieth century. Luckily, the locals have realised the fact that this place holds a huge potential for being a top-level tourist hot-spot, and they have given their best to convert this fishing town into a tourist resort. And they have been successful in that.
Podgora is an excellent choice if you seek a shelter and a safe haven for your family during the summer. It is in fact ideal for both children and adults, and whether it is sea, sun, vacation, or heaven that you are after, then you could do a lot worse than end up here.
This place is known as the center from where you can easily access the other notable locations in Makarska Riviera. But do not for a second think that you cannot really do anything fun and exciting in the town of Podgora itself. For one, if you are a fan of exotic brands of alcohol, we recommend you to visit the so called Banana Bar. You can find a huge range of different alcoholic beverages and frequent live music. The staff is very friendly and is seeking to accommodate the guests in any way that they can.
If you want to enjoy on a beach while basking in the hot summer sun, then we recommend you to visit the nearby Plišivac beach. It is a beautiful little beach, full of small pebbles, and do not even get us started about the sea. It is clear and bright as the blue sky itself. You see, you do not really even need to travel to other areas of Makarska Riviera in order to see a beautiful beach. Podgora has a beautiful beach too, and it is called Plišivac beach.
Your next destination in Podgora should be the Birgmaier Sub. This is a business that operates by organising underwater tours for the beautiful Adriatic Sea. If you have ever wondered just how great an experience can snorkeling be, then this is your chance. You will be able to see the beautiful aquatic life of the Adriatic Sea- many underwater plants and animals. You will have memories for your life if you engage in snorkeling in this place at Podgora.
Now, you will need a place to stay in. We recommend you to stay in the Hotel Medora Auri. It is an excellent choice if you want top-level service and a beautiful setting in which you will be spending the nights. Because you will be exploring during the days. And you will see the wonderful sights and sounds of the entire Makarska Riviera area. And every time you get tired, you can get back to your safe haven, the Hotel Medora Auri.
So, enjoy travelling to Croatia, enjoy Podgora and we highly recommend Hotel Medora Auri, your next destination!
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