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Camping on Makarska Riviera is the best and there are the reasons why

Camping in Croatia is ideal for all those that wish to spend a different kind of holiday and enjoy their time outdoors. Camping is not about all-inclusive programs and swimming pools, but it is more about being close to nature and enjoying peaceful times. Near Podgora you will find some fantastic campsites where you can fully relax and enjoy your holiday. 
You can install your tent or place your camper among olive trees or under the shade of scented pine trees and have a great holiday experience. Camping in Croatia will provide you with calming feeling where you will only hear the gentle breeze blowing from the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful song of birds. 

The joy of camping in Croatia

Camping will provide you with numerous opportunities to mix with locals and get familiar with all the good things of Podgora. You can learn more about towns, beaches, and beautiful nature spots. Camping also gives you the freedom to explore the fascinating region and find amazing spots for you to enjoy. 
You have many options available, from going diving to hiking on the picturesque Biokovo Mountain. By taking just a few steps from your camping site you will reach the most beautiful beaches of the Makarska Riviera. 
Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea or just sunbathe on the beach and listen to the calming sounds of the sea waves. Camping allows you to quickly reach natural pebble beaches and try numerous water sports, or you can choose to go on excursions and explore the nearby islands. 
Those that want to relax by the beach have a few bars and restaurants close where they can relax and refresh themselves with cold drinks. 
Camping experience is unique and perfect for those that wish to spend the more active type of holiday. In and near Podgora you can find numerous adventure and fun options for your entertainment. Mountain biking is always popular, so you can take your bike and explore the roads and trails that will take you straight to the most beautiful and most charming towns on the Dalmatian Coast. Visiting the Biokovo Mountain is also a must if you want to explore scenic routes and admire unparalleled views from the top. 
Those that are more adventurous can ride a quad and experience a nice four-wheeler adventure. Ride into the forest, breathe fresh air, and take some fantastic pictures of nature. Biokovo Mountain also has a very rich wildlife, so do not be surprised if you see some beautiful animals like foxes, wild boars, wolves, or wood pigeons. Near Podgora you can go trekking, go rafting on the beautiful Cetina River, go zip-lining, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, visit an adrenaline park or choose something else according to your personal taste. 
Camping is also the favorite type of vacation for scuba divers as they can freely explore the rich Adriatic Sea and the numerous diving spots near the campsite. If you are lucky you can spot some sunken ships or find underwater caves and old remains. Going fishing is another popular activity for campers.
Rent a boat and explore the sea near Podgora for some sardines fishing. If fishing and scuba diving is not enough, then you can enjoy some entertaining water sports like riding banana boats, pedal boats, parasailing, or jet skiing.
Besides all of the mentioned, camping in Croatia is ideal for families. You will not make a mistake if you choose Podgora as your base for spending a holiday and for going on camping. Podgora has been a long-time favorite destination for spending family holidays, so take advantage of everything that is on offer.
 Why is camping ideal for families? First of all, you have a quick access to the best pebble beaches and cleanest sea right from your campsite.
Campsites are safest places where children can freely play without any worries. It also gives children independence, as they can walk from one part of Podgora to the other in less than twenty minutes. You get to spend lots of time in nature and breathe fresh air. 
Besides all of this, there are numerous excursions and entertaining activities available for adults, while there is a wide content for the kids to enjoy like trying sports activities or playing at playgrounds.
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