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Requirements to fulfil before bringing a pet to Croatia

General conditions for the importation of dogs, cats and domesticated minks (also known as domestic ferrets, white ferrets, African ferrets, weasels, ferrets, domestic weasels or domesticated ferrets) from EU Member States and non-EU countries of low risk:
  • Animals must have an identification system (microchip). If the animal has a microchip that does not comply with ISO 11784 or 11785 standards, the owner must provide a suitable microchip reader. At any given time, it must be possible to determine the name and address of the owner. The passport or certificate of the animal, which is entered together with the animal, must contain the number of the microchip issued by a veterinarian.
  • The animal must have a passport or certificate issued by a veterinarian authorised by the authority in question.
  • The animal must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Animals from EU or non-EU countries that are considered as low risk, may enter the territory of the Republic of Croatia if the owner or escort has a valid passport, less than three months old and which have not been vaccinated, or certificate if the animals live in the same place of their birth and if they were not in contact with wild animals that could cause them to be infected or if they are travelling with their mother and they are still dependent on her. 

Dogs, cats and members of the Mustelidae family from high-risk countries, must meet the following requirements:
  • They must have an identification system (microchip).
  • They must have a certificate issued by an official veterinarian or, after re-entry, a passport (dogs from Croatia).
  • They must be vaccinated against rabies.
  • They must pass an antibody neutralisation test by antibody titration of at least 0.5 IJ/ml per sample, taken by a licensed veterinarian at an authorised laboratory, 30 days after vaccination and three months before entry. The list of authorised institutions is available on the following website:
  • The said period of three months shall not apply in the case of re-entry of pets from the Republic of Croatia, whose passports confirm positive test results of antibody titration before the animal has left the Republic of Croatia.
  • Animals that have been commercially imported and sent as a package must be screened by a veterinarian prior to dispatchment.
  •  For further information, please contact the Ministry of Agriculture - Veterinary Directorate. Tel.: +385 1 6443 540. Webpage:
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