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Medora Auri hotel rules of staying with pets

  1. The price for pet accommodation is € 27.00 per night. 
  2. If a guest does not register a pet at the front desk, the price for pet accommodation is € 100 per night.
  3. Only trained pets (dogs and cats) up to 9 kg are accepted at the hotel, maximum 2 pets per room with prior notice and pet registration at the front desk.
  4. In case the guest arrives with a heavier pet, the hotel reserves the right to refuse to accommodate the guest and/or the pet, or to charge a larger fee for pet accommodation at the price of € 50 per night.
  5. If the pet damages the hotel (urinating inside the hotel, rubbing and scratching the furniture or walls), the hotel reserves the right to deny the guest and/or pet further hospitality, and charge for any damages; equal to the current value of the damaged property, plus 10%.
  6. Pets will have access to guest rooms, hallways, and they can stay in the lobby and the cocktail bar, only on a lead.
  7. Pets (except for guide dogs) are not allowed in the common areas of the hotel - swimming pools, restaurant, playroom, wellness centre, gym, and beach. If the guest brings their pet to these areas of the hotel, they will be asked to leave the premises.
  8. A dog cannot use the bed or sofa in the room, and it is not permitted to bathe the pet in the bathroom. The guest is not allowed to leave their pet on the balcony of the room.
  9. If the guest leaves their pet alone in the room, the guest is obliged to place a notice on the door which will be provided to them at the front desk during check-in.
  10. The hotel shall bear no responsibility for the guest's complaints against irregular cleaning of the room, if the guest left their pet unsupervised in the room during the foreseen cleaning time.
  11. The guest shall follow paragraph 8, Article 17 of the Veterinary Act (Official Gazette 70/79) in the Republic of Croatia.
  12. The beach in front of the Medora Auri Hotel is not intended for bathing pets. There is a beach in Podgora that is intended for bathing pets (dogs).
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