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Beaches in the centre of Podgora

The beaches in the centre of Podgora are situated in front of the local hotels, right next to the main promenade. The one kilometre long central beaches are the most visited beaches in Podgora. Their attractiveness is enhanced by the proximity to the main town promenade, which is closed to traffic and features numerous restaurants, bars and shops. The beaches are bathed in the warm sun, and some parts are protected by the natural shade of pine trees looming over the promenade. 

The entrance into the beautiful bluish sea is easy and gradual, and the waters are ecologically healthy.

The beaches are tidy and clean and guests can use the showers and changing rooms, or get chairs, umbrellas and canopies for an extra charge.

If you want to be at the centre of events, these beaches are perfect for you. In the summer months, they are filled with lively sounds from the promenade, the noise of guests on the beach and the sounds of sport and fun water activities such as jet-ski rides, parasailing, “banana” rides, etc.

The most famous and largest beach in the centre is the one in the front of the Medora Auri hotel. This pebble beach is intended for hotel guests and other visitors to the town, and it is adapted for people with disabilities, featuring an access ramp and an elevator for entering the sea.

If you are a fan of swimming and sunbathing in secluded coves, fit for Robinson Crusoe, that ensure complete privacy, Podgora offers such beaches as well, but you will have to explore the surroundings on your own, as these are the best-kept secret of every coastal tourist resort.

Plišivac Beach

Plišivac Beach is located north of the city centre and is rightly considered the most beautiful beach in Podgora. It is covered by pleasant small gravel, which turns into sand at the waterline, so entering the clear sea is as pleasant as walking on a sandy carpet.  The Plišivac Bay is more than 1 km long, and some are parts quite narrow, though with enough room for a pleasant stay. Although it is seemingly far removed from the Podgora bustle, do not look for peace and solitude on this popular beach in July and August, as many guests choose to relax and enjoy the summer activities here. Along the hinterland are pine trees that provide natural shade, while refreshments can be found in the nearby restaurants and cafés.
Plišivac Beach

Dračevac Beach

Dračevac Beach is located about 1 km to the north of the centre of Podgora, in the direction of Tučepi. It is about 400 meters long and covered with beautiful white rounded pebbles that create a visually impressive scene in combination with the turquoise sea. It is one of the most popular nudist beaches on the Makarska Riviera. It is surrounded by dense pine trees and other Mediterranean vegetation that create natural shade. The entrance into the sea is gradual and very pleasant. Although this beach has no changing rooms, showers and toilets, and the nearest refreshment facilities are a short walk away on the Podgora promenade, this beach will conquer you with its natural beauty and special charm.
Dračevac Beach

Garma Beach

Garma Beach is in the coves of Garma attract nudists, romantic couples, families with children who want privacy and those who are not fans of large city beaches. The beach is covered with gravel and stones, surrounded by small rocks and pine trees. The colour of the sea is a beautiful turquoise and the entrance into the water is simple and gradual. 
Garma Beach

Sutikla Beach

Sutikla Beach is located near the camp Orbis in the direction of the village of Čaklje. It is a pebble beach with natural pine tree shade. The beach is narrow and the access to the sea is pleasant. Nearby are bars and restaurants, which is why this beach is popular with younger people, but also with families for its easy entrance into the sea and proximity to restaurants.
Sutikla Beach

Čaklje Beach

Čaklje beach is the central beach in the village of Čaklje is a beautiful pebble beach with clear water, and a mild and gradual entrance into the water. It is partially covered with pine tree shade and close to many restaurants, which is why it is often filled with visitors in July and August – especially families with children.
Čaklje Beach
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