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COVID-19 info

Medora safe holiday

Dear guests of Medora Hotels & Resorts, we hope you and all the people you care about are well. The sudden situation with the development of the COVID19 pandemic caught us all together, changed standard habits and behaviours, and reminded us that the health and safety of our loved ones are truly one of the fundamental values ​​of life.

Medora "Safe holiday" program guarantees that we are responsibly and carefully monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation, and we take all steps in accordance with the recommended procedures and decisions of the competent institutions. High-touch areas in accommodation units were additionally cleaned and disinfected and we ensure that from the cleaning process until the arrival of the guest no one entered the accommodation unit. Moreover, it is important to note that guests can choose the option of complete privacy during their stay with no enter of our staff to the accommodation units unless requested by guests.
Medora safe holiday

100% free cancellation up to 2 days before arrival

In these extraordinary circumstances, we understand the need for flexibility. In order to help you to plan and book your next trip as carefree as possible, we offer you flexible booking conditions and we guarantee a free cancellation up to 2 days before arrival.
In order to preserve the health and safety of our employees and guests, Medora Hotels and Resorts supervise the development of the coronavirus situation and take all steps consistent with the recommended procedures and decisions of the Civil protection headquarters and the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Medora reservation team is available for any additional information and inquiries by phone +385 21 601 701 or email

Testing for all our guests

In order to provide guests with the best and safest possible service, Medora hotels and resorts, in agreement with the local doctor, provide testing in the clinic in Podgora, not far from our facilities. Testing will be available every day, and the price of the PCR test is HRK 650.00. (85 €) If the test is done by 10 am, the results are ready on the same day, and if the test is done after 10 am, the results will be done the next day.

All information related to testing is available to guests at all times. Just contact our reservation center at or +385 21 601 701 or directly at the reception where members of the Medora team will book an appointment for each guest. The health of employees and guests is the most important, so feel free to contact the reception or our reservation center before arrival for any additional information in order to have as carefree and seafe holiday as possible.

We think about your safety

The health and safety of our guests and employees is the most important, and we take this opportunity to inform you that we are responsibly and carefully monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation, and we take all steps in accordance with the recommended procedures and decisions of the competent institutions.


• Working hours: 0:00h-24:00h.
• From check in the guests should keep physical distance of 1,5 m to other guests except with their family or group members. On the reception desk the sneezing guards and the distance lines on the floor have been installed. Only one family member is doing the check in procedure.
• We encourage our guests to notify us in advance the time of their check out so that the checkout can be prepared and the checkout time at the front desk is reduced.
• If the guest is presenting COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing) the guest should notify the reception by phone and act in compliance with their instruction. The guest should stay in his accommodation unit until the medical assistance is provided while everything, he might need will be delivered to his accommodation unit. Other people who have been in the same accommodation unit will be moved to another unit until the suspicion of COVID-19 has been alleviated. 


• In accordance with our current cleaning protocols we are putting additional emphasis on disinfection of all high-touch surfaces and objects such as: control panels both inside and outside elevators, handrails, public toilets, totem devices, luggage room, ATMs, children toys, door handles, glass fence on the terrace, floors, desks, tables and chairs in the conference halls, electric charger and bins.
• Special attention is being paid to the ventilation maintenance and regular functionality of air exchanges in indoor areas. Hence, we are daily checking ventilation and air exchange equipment. We have increased the ventilation of all hotel surfaces by increasing the number of air exchanges per hour and supplying more outdoor air in the system to optimize the effect of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.
• All public areas are available within physical distancing guidelines.
• Additional hand sanitizers are placed on each entrance to the hotel, in all public areas as well as outside elevators. 


• All additional quilts and pillows, bedspreads and rugs are permanently removed, and are available on request.
• When cleaning the accommodation unit, all balcony doors have to be opened for better ventilation of the area. Housekeeping service is being provided when the guest is not in the accommodation unit.
• Ventilation in the accommodation units is local to each room, there is no central air supply and air circulates inside the room. Fresh air comes in either through the balcony door or through the front door of the room. Heating and cooling is carried out via a fan coiler system in which the cooling and heating medium is water.
• By our enhanced cleaning standards, each accommodation unit is a unique unit. Therefore, the clothes used in each are clean and the cleaning tools are disinfected between the accommodation units.


• Playgrounds can be used within physical distancing guidelines.
• In addition to regular maintenance and cleaning the playground are being cleaned and disinfected from 14:00 to 15:00h


• The availability of animation depends on the hotel occupancy in line with the measures of Croatian Institute of Public Health.
• When taking part in the animation program, the guests should leave their personal information: name, surname and contact phone.
• The number of children at the activities held in Play Hotel is reduced to 15. We recommend parents to sign in only children without any respiratory symptoms.
• The employee at the Play Hotel is wearing mask and gloves only when providing hygiene care in close contact to children under 3 years of age.
• The children who are taking part in the animation programs must take off their shoes, put on clean socks, and the employee will help them wash and sanitize their hands.
• In use are only the toys and utensils that can be thoroughly disinfected after each use. The children will put the toys used by them in the containers marked with pictogramsso that these can be disinfected.
• The employee will organize the program by reducing close contact and encouraging them not to touch eyes, mouth, and nose.
• Before leaving Play Hotel the employee will take off the child's socks, put them into bag, and give back to the parent. The employee will help the child wash and sanitize his hands.
• After each group the area, toys and utensils stored in the containers are cleaned and disinfected.


• The fitness area is available for guests within the physical distancing guidelines. In the fitness area there can be 4 people max at the same time.
• In the fitness we have prepared big towels for our guests to cover the equipment as a precaution. There is disinfection spray and paper towels which should be used to wipe the equipment after use.
• Working hours: 8:00-20:00h with the break for cleaning and disinfection: 13:30-14:30h .


• In accordance with the measures of Croatian Institute of Public Health all services, except for the wet sauna, are available with mandatory phone reservations.
• At the wellness front desk, the clients have to leave their personal information (name, surname, contact phone) and the time of arrival and departure to the wellness area. 


• The capacity of our swimming pools during the measures will be adjusted to 100 people max.
• The swimming pool is chlorinated according to current best practices and recommendations and it is monitored 5 times a day.
• Sun lounges by the pool are positioned in line with physical distancing guidelines 1,5 m apart. When taking the clean towels, only one member of family can approach the pool employee and after use the guest should put them in the container for dirty towels.
• We strongly recommend the guests with acute respiratory problems not to use the pools.


• Rent of sun lounges and parasols is available within measures and recommendations of health authorities.
• In accordance with the current recommendations of Croatian Institute of Public Health the beach capacity is 15 people on 100 m or 450 people on our beach. 


• Seats in the restaurant have been limited with the tables arranged in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. .
• At the reception, the guests will be notified about the breakfast and dinner time frames and we kindly ask them to respect it in order to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality.
• At the entrance to the restaurant hand sanitation is mandatory and the restaurant staff will see to it.
• In line with the highest standards of hygiene, the table and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
• The food and beverages menus will be visible at the entrance of the restaurant on the board and on QR codes at each table, so that the guests can scan and read them on their mobile devices


• In all the bars and snack bar the seating areas are adjusted to meet physical distance guidelines.
• The menus will be visible at the bar and on QR codes at each table, so that the guests can scan and read them on their mobile devices.

Rules on border crossing

In order to facilitate the crossing of the border of the Republic of Croatia, please fill in the online form before your trip, which enters all the information required in the process of crossing the border. With a simple presentation of a passport or identity document to a border police officer, the number or code from the identity card or passport is automatically linked to all pre-entered data.

On the European Commission website 'Re-open EU' you can find information on travelling within the borders of the European Union, situation on border crossings and all of the available transport and tourist services in the member states of the European Union.

For more information on the coronavirus, visit the official Croatian Government website

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