Botanical garden Kotišina

The Kotišina botanical garden is located on the slopes of Biokovo, which rises above the Makarska Riviera. It was founded by dr. Fra Jure Radić (1920-1990), a Franciscan and scientist. The basic idea of creating the garden was to enclose part of the Biokovo nature park for the purpose of scientific research, protection and preservation of the existing wild plant life of Biokovo. 

The 16.5 hectares area includes diverse habitats and the Proslap canyon with a waterfall that comes to life during heavy rains. The Kotišina botanical garden also boasts about 300 wild plant species, ranging from typical Mediterranean ones to the kinds that grow on mountains. The Kotišina village and its botanical garden attract hikers, tourists and explorers throughout the year, although the spring and early summer are the best times to visit, when the flora in full bloom.

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