The Neretva Valley

The Neretva River’s spring is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its last 22 km flows through Croatia and into the Adriatic sea at Ploče. The most interesting part of the river is the Neretva River Delta, the largest delta in Croatia, where tourist trips in traditional Neretva boats are organised along the numerous water channels. Every year, on the second Saturday in August, the famous Boat Marathon tourist/sporting spectacle takes place on the Neretva river. 

The towns of Opuzen and Metković lie on the banks of the Neretva River and offer the best of traditional Neretva cuisine: Neretva stew, eels, frogs, game and seafood, as well as local wine and spirits. The Neretva valley is blessed with fertile soil and the Neretva tangerines, lemons, watermelons and oranges are well known. The swamps and lagoons of Neretva are a sanctuary to wild animals, ornithological reserves and the protected areas of Modro oko and Desne lake. In the area of the present-day village of Vid near Metković is the site of the Narona archaeological museum, with the ruins of the Roman settlement of the same name.

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