Other beaches in Podgora

Center of Podgora

The beach is located next to the promenade, where, besides our Mediterranean sun, you can enjoy the breathtaking sea view. ‘Picigin’, good company and active atmosphere – we have it all. The most famous and the biggest beach in the center is located just out-front of our Medora Auri Hotel.

Beach Plišivac

Plišivac is, according to most, the most beautiful beach in Podgora, located north of the center. Beautiful bay is about 1.000 meters long. It is surrounded with lush pine trees providing shade and rest from the sun and other activities. Plišivac offers a handful of fun and we recommend it if you are looking for a vibrant entertainment and a good company.

Beach Dračevac

More to the north of the center and only a minutes’ walk from the Hotel, this long beach, surrounded by thick pine forest, offers you a true, pristine vacation. Keep in mind, however, that Dračevac beach is a well-known nudist oasis for naturalists and others seeking privacy.

Beach Garma

Within the Garma bay, there are several beaches, somewhat remote but private. Relaxing sounds of sea and crickets are the only noise you will hear and in which you will unquestionably enjoy. We call it – natural meditation. The beach is covered with pebbles and stones and surrounded by small cliffs and pine forest. Beach Garma is ideal for families with kids, spending slightly different, relaxed afternoon.

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