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Start Your Croatian Hiking Adventure in Podgora near Makarska

Hiking near Podgora is one of the best activities you can do while spending your holiday. This is one of the most picturesque parts of Dalmatia, so hiking here is a really unique experience. Nature is amazing, starting from the beautiful water springs, limestone rocks to old villages and scented pine forests. Climbing on Biokovo Mountain can really be a great experience. Although the climb is relatively difficult, it is also very enriching and you will feel great when you reach the top. 
At the Biokovo Mountain, you can try numerous other things such as mountaineering or paragliding. All of this and many more things can be done if you are situated in Podgora or in the beautiful Hotel Medora Auri. 
Podgora landscape is fascinating and ideal for exploring the mountain trails. The views from the Biokovo Mountain are amazing. The calmness and the natural beauty cannot be fully described, but they have to be experienced. However, hiking can be very demanding activity, so if you are beginner then you should follow the next advice for an easier hike. 
  • Avoid carrying too much weight when you go hiking. Carrying a lot of weight can be dangerous and it can make you feel tired very quickly. Always wear clothes that are lightweight and that dry fast
  • Bring a bottle of water and take a bottle that is also lightweight and easy to carry. Bringing some dried food is also advisable because you can quickly get hungry when you go hiking.
  • Always have a small med kit and a small multi-tool knife, because you never know when and where you might need them. Also, bring some plastic to line your backpack in order to keep your gear dry in case if it starts raining or you get wet. 
  • Try not to light a fire in the woods because you risk doing big damage, but just in case it is advisable to have a lighter or matches with you. You may need fire to cook something or get yourself warm if you find yourself in a position to be somewhere where it is cold. If there is a storm try to hide in a cave and wait until the rain passes. However, if you ever light a fire while on a hiking trip do not forget to completely shut it down before you leave the place. If you do not have water to put the fire off try using some dirt and cover the fire until it is completely off. 
  • Always wear clothing that is in accordance with the current weather. A good thing to do is to always have some headgear because you never know when the weather can suddenly change when you are on the mountain. Protect your head from strong cold winds and have a warm headgear packed. Keeping your head warm is essential, especially when you are taking a long hike.
  • Wearing quality boots that have strong ankle support is also a must when hiking. However, finding good boots is not always easy, so you have to consider several things first. Make sure they fit nice to your feet and that they are comfortable to wear. They should not be too loose or too tight, so try several boots before finding your ideal size. Boots must be waterproof to protect your feet from mud and rain, and to keep you warm and dry all the time. 
  • The next hiking tip is to have a map or compass with you. Most of the smartphones today have all kinds of GPS applications through which you can quickly locate yourself and avoid being lost. However, bring a compass with you in case your cell battery dies.
  • Last, but not least tip is to never hike alone. You should always have someone with you when hiking, and if you must go alone then tell someone you know where are you going and at what time you are planning to come back. 

These were some essential tips to know before going hiking for the first time. Podgora is a fantastic place for hiking, so bring your gear, ask for a guide and start exploring this amazing region of Dalmatia. 
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