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Come to Podgora and check out the best attractions in Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is an area situated in the European country of Croatia. It is famous for its many beaches and attractions. This article will shed some light on these destinations that you can visit if you happen to be in Makarska Riviera.
One of the best places you can visit here is the Nature Park Biokovo. It has beautiful natural sights that you can enjoy for days on end. As a nature park, it houses several exotic animal species, and there is exotic plant life as well. If you love nature and you enjoy walking around or just standing still while marveling at the works of nature, then the Nature Park Biokovo is your next top destination. You can visit it by yourself or with your friends and family, and you’ll have a blast either way.
Croatia is a place that has sea access, and many beaches. It is best known for it. But few people realize that there are some beautiful mountains in this country as well. The Biokovo Mountain is near the Nature Park Biokovo, and there are tourists that take a hike on this mountain on a daily basis. There are frequent tours that are organised for this place as well. So, if the beach is not really your thing, and you would rather enjoy climbing mountains – you can enjoy this pleasure in Croatia on Biokovo Mountain.
The Makarska Harbour is another top attraction in the area of Makarska Riviera. If you picture a harbour as a dark, filthy place where boats are parked – you are wrong. In fact, the Makarska Harbour offers some of the best looking sights in the entire country of Croatia. It is a popular tourist resort as well, as there are dozens of top-level restaurant in the area. If you like to enjoy European culinary recipes, then you can do far worse than end up in one of the many restaurants in Makarska Harbour. You can also visit the nearby small, beautiful islands, as there are boat trips that are organised hourly, especially during the summer season. And there are many cafes as well, so if you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with your friends near the beautiful sea, then this is definitely the place for you.
One additional place you ought to visit if you are in Makarska Riviera, is St. Mark’s Church. This is a beautiful little church and it offers a fantastic sight for taking pictures. These pictures will last you a lifetime and they will bring you back to a place you have been and where you have had the time of your life. There is a beautiful fountain in front of the church, and the entire area is really nice to walk around in.
So, if you want to stay in a place from where all of these attractions will be easily accessible, we recommend you to stay in the place Podgora, in Makarska Riviera. The place has been inhabited for nearly 500 years, and its inhabitants have been enjoying life while fishing for a long time. The place has been transformed to a tourist center only recently, and people from all around the world have begun flocking to the area incessantly. Podgora is a small place, with little more than a thousand permanent inhabitants, so, if you are after a rest in a tranquil place, then Podgora is definitely the place for you.
And if you need a place to stay in, then we recommend the Hotel Medora Auri, in the place Podgora. The place embodies the awesome contrasts of the country of Croatia, the sea and the mountains, the current and the timeless. It is a really hospitable place where you will get top level service and hospitality. It’s one of the fines hotels in the Makarska Riviera, and even in the entire country of Croatia.
So, when in need of your next tourist destination where you can travel and explore, then be sure to mention Makarska Riviera in Croatia, and especially the place Podgora. You will have the time of your life, the sunset of your life and you will fondly remember the memories that you will create at this place. Enjoy travelling and exploring the beautiful country of Croatia! We will be here.
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