Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is located near Šibenik and it is the seventh national park in Croatia, a natural and karst phenomenon that draws people with its lakes and cascades. The last of these is the most famous – the seventh waterfall called Skradinski buk, the largest tufa waterfall in Europe and one of the most famous Croatian natural attractions, and Roški slap with a height of 22.5 meters with numerous backwaters and cascades forming a magnificent view of the tufa islands. 

The hydropower plant “Jaruga” is located on the Krka river, the second oldest hydropower plant in the world and the first in Europe, built in 1895. The park is rich in flora and fauna, with more than 860 plant species, including numerous endemic ones. The park is also home to about twenty important archaeological sites, ranging from prehistory to the Middle Ages, such as the hillfort in Puljani, cave sites such as the famous cave Oziđana pećina, the Burnum roman military camp with an amphitheatre, medieval fortresses, churches and monasteries, and a system of water mills that are valuable ethnographic monuments of Dalmatia and Croatia.


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